Justin Bieber Deposition Videos: What an Arrogant A-Hole!

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WARNING to all Beliebers: Do not watch the following videos if you wish to maintain a positive view of Justin Bieber.

Because, seriously... wow.

TMZ has obtained footage from Bieber's deposition in Miami last week in which the singer sat for over four hours in response to a lawsuit filed against him by a photographer who claims Bieber orchestrated an attack against him.

In these four snippets, we see Justin at his most arrogant, talking down to opposing counsel; mocking various questions; growing irate over anything related to Selena Gomez; and generally acting like an total and complete jerk throughout the process.

Watch now and take note of Bieber accidentally saying he's been "detrimental" to his own career. These days, sadly, that's so very true...

What do you think, readers?

This is Justin Bieber as we've never seen him before and hope to never see him again.

Each deposition video could easily be included in the reasons why we sort of want to punch Bieber in the face. Metaphorically, of course... but HARD.

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