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Justin Bieber was back in Miami, Fla., on Thursday, though hopefully he hired himself a driver to shuttle his read end around this time.

The artist sat for a four-and-a-half hour long deposition in relation to a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly ordering his bodyguard to assault a photographer outside The Hit Factory.

And the legally-mandated appearance turned ugly once opposing lawyers brought up the topic of Selena Gomez, Justin’s famous ex-girlfriend.

Justin Bieber Shows Up for Deposition

According to TMZ, the attorney wanted to know if Justin’s ex was present for any incident involving the paparazzi, a line of questioning Bieber’s lawyer believed was meant to get a rise out of him.

Which turned out to be the end result.


At one point, Bieber and lawyer Howard Weitzman actually left the room, as the singer yelled in regard to Gomez: "Don’t ask me about her, do not ask me about her!"

Sounds like someone may be a tad touchy over Selena laughing off his reconciliation attempt.

Bieber did return a few minutes later, but with an attitude. For instance?

He mockingly referred to opposing counsel as "Katie Couric."

The troubled singer also asked if he were on 60 Minutes. And he cursed when asked if his response of "yeah" to a question was the same as "yes."

We can’t really blame him for that last one.

Toward the end of the deposition, the attorney asked the 20-year-old performer if he has a prescription for Xanax, to which Bieber replied: "No."

It’s unclear what this has to do with the case in question, but Bieber did test positive for Xanax the night he was arrested in Miami for drag racing.