Resurrection Season 1 Episode 1: Grade the Premiere!

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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 1, Sunday's premiere of ABC's highly-promoted new drama series, asked the question "Did I really die?" But does the show come to life?

Starring Omar Epps, Frances Fisher, Matt Craven and Samaire Armstrong, the show centers on the town of Arcadia, Missouri, and its stunned inhabitants.

They are stunned because their loved ones start returning from the dead ... which would pretty much have that impact for most of us, we would assume.

The pilot introduces a mystery surrounding eight-year-old Jacob's death, originally said to be a drowning accident, only there was more to it than believed.

It turns out there was another man with him and his aunt, who also died, that day. Oh, and while the boy passed away 32 years ago, he still looks eight.

This is more than a sci-fi thriller, though, as the local Pastor tries to understand this on a spiritual level, while law enforcement personnel want answers.

Family members, meanwhile, don't know what to make of this whatsoever.

What did you think of Resurrection Season 1 Episode 1? Was it good enough to watch Episode 2? Does it sound good enough to check out the opener?

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