Chris Brown to BUY His Way Out of Jail?!

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Is Chris Brown on the verge of buying himself out of jail? Indirectly, it appears this is less than 72 hours away from happening. How, you may ask?

Here's the deal, with obligatory, confusing background information:

  • He's on probation for beating the crap out of Rihanna back in 2009.
  • His probation requires him to obey laws. Clearly an issue for him.
  • His probation was revoked with his 2013 arrest for assault in D.C.
  • He could've been jailed, but a judge allowed him to go to rehab.
  • He got kicked out of rehab, TWICE, and is thus in jail now.
  • If convicted in the D.C. case, he could go to PRISON.

With an April 18 trial looming in the D.C. case, it sure seemed like he was stuck in solitary confinement until then ... unless that case were to go away.

Enter legal wizard Mark Geragos, who has contacted the lawyer for the man who claims Chris assaulted him in D.C. and broke his nose in the process.

He's offering a LARGE sum of money to drop the charges.

If Geragos can engineer a civil settlement, which would no doubt entail the victim telling prosecutors he no longer wishes to testify against Chris ... no case.

And with that, Chris could have his probation reinstated.

Ridiculous as that may seem, it looks inevitable now.

With no testimony from the victim, D.C. prosecutors would then have little choice but to drop the assault case (which, admittedly, is flimsy at best).

At that point, the L.A. judge would have no reason to keep Chris Brown jailed for violating probation, even though he clearly can't stay out trouble.

This is a man who says he's good at using guns and knives, and who bangs employees and throws rocks at his mom's car ... all while IN REHAB!

Safe to say when Karruche dumped him, she dodged a bullet ... much like he will when Geragos pulls off this legal hail mary pass today or next week.

Justice served?

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