Chris Brown: In Solitary Confinement!

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Chris Brown is not just cooling his heels in jail after being kicked out of rehab, he's in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and cut off from the general population.

Brown is allowed to work out in his cell and read library books, and is allowed one shower every two days. Beyond that, there's not a lot going on for him.

Brown was hauled off to jail after getting thrown out of a rehab facility in Malibu - the second rehab center to show him the door since his October arrest.

An assault charge in D.C. got his probation (for beating Rihanna senseless) revoked, but he'd been allowed to go to rehab instead of jail while awaiting trial.

Until he got kicked out for touching women, refusing a drug test and making a mockery of the process, that is. Now he'll stay locked up until April 23.

Brown's rehab "treatment" was for his obvious anger issues, which may or may not stem from PTSD and bipolar disorder. Regardless, he can't stay out of trouble.

Particularly disturbed by Chris' quote that he is good at using guns and knives, the judge denied his request to return to rehab or be released on house arrest.

The judge wants him behind bars until the D.C. assault case runs its course in mid-April; If convicted, Chris could be sent to prison for the probation violation.

High stakes and a lot to think about all by his lonesome for the next month.

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