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"Clare Crawley" and "dodged a bullet" could be synonymous at this point, after a Bachelor season finale where Juan Pablo Galavis broke her heart.

Not only has she moved on since being dumped, but she’s happier than ever!

Clare Crawley Interview

"I have zero regrets," she said earlier this week in an interview with GMA.

Saying she went on the reality show with a goal of being 100 percent herself, and open, Clare Crawley says "because I thought and then acted, I’m proud of that."

Another reason why she has no regrets? The new man in her life.

"I’m very happy," the Sacramento, Calif., hair stylist said, without mentioning his name, and joking that "The good thing is, it’s not on TV right now."

Crawley was cheered by many Bachelor fans when she told off Juan Pablo Galavis, who blindsided her in favor of Nikki Ferrell on the March 10 episode.


It wasn’t just being spurned, either, but the matter in which he did it.

"What you just made me go through, I would never want my children having a father like you," Crawley said, referring to his infamous quip on their last date.

When Clare told him she wanted to hear him say he loved her, his reply was "I love f–king you, but I don’t know you." Guy is nothing if not honest.

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