Justin Bieber: On U.S. Customs Watch List!

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On Friday, Justin Bieber's plane was detained in New Jersey because authorities smelled a "strong odor of pot."

The singer actually wasn't arrested this time around, as law enforcement officials allowed him to go free (and later flip off a party goer), but sources tell TMZ that Bieber will need to adjust to this kind of treatment.

U.S. Customs has reportedly placed the singer on its Watch List, meaning he won't be able to travel in and out of the country without being searched or questioned in some way.

This is a typical move regarding any subject of ongoing criminal cases… and Bieber has been arrested twice over the past few weeks.

He was pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Miami and he turned himself in to police in Toronto a week later in conjunction with an alleged limousine driver assault in late December.

How can Justin ever get off this list? Being exonerated of his crimes would help.

Even then, though, the artist would need to appeal to Homeland Security in order to plead his case.

And it doesn't sound like that will happen any time soon. Bieber shows no signs of changing his spoiled ways, with an insider telling TMZ: "He's gonna do what he wants to do."

And, sometimes, he wants to suck on the giant boobs of a stripper.


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