Florida Woman Steals TV News Reporter's Car on Camera: Watch Now!

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Josh Taylor, a TV news reporter for Sarasota, Fla., ABC affiliate WWSB, got more than he bargained for when he went to investigate a recent story.

While looking into a possible rental property scam in Venice, Fla., on Saturday, he got carjacked by Jean Price, a woman he was trying to interview!

His camera was rolling the whole time, too. Check it out below ...

Taylor was covering a dispute in which a woman claimed that a property was listed as an 11-bedroom home, but had only five due to building code violations.

Setting up his camera at the location in question, he was accosted on the street - despite it being a public road - by a woman later identified as Price.

The owner of the aforementioned property, local chiropractor Dr. Craig Siegal, said that Price used to work for him, but now simply "watches out for the home."

She watches out for it rather aggressively, it would appear.

While Taylor filmed her and started asking questions, Price began accosting him verbally, started putting his gear back in his car and drove off with it.

It's unclear what happened after she left. The Florida State Attorney's office is reviewing the case and will decide whether to charge Price with grand theft auto.

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