Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Rich Dollaz Loves Erica Mena!!

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Monday night marked the first half of the Love & Hip Hop reunion special on VH1. As we know, these events can be more interesting than the episodes themselves.

So what went down when the cast came together to rehash the drama? You can watch Love & Hip Hop online to see it for yourself, but here's THG's recap ...

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 13, also known as the Reunion Part I, was hosted Mo'Nique and chock full of the juiciest scoops you DIDN'T see.

Namely, Rich Dollaz finally admitting that he loves Erica Mena.

Which clearly led to a screaming match involving Erica Mena.

Her adversary was the notorious Nya Lee, and yes, the ladies did come to blows after beefing about the aspiring rapper being a stripper. So predictable.

Mena struggled to keep it together regarding Nya and Rich discussing their love triangle with Cyn Santana, which led to the night's major takeaway:

"I don't think anybody in America doesn't think that I love Erica...Yes, I do [love Erica]" said Dollaz, whose confession wasn't a surprise to many.

Joe and Tahiry's unwillingness to work things out may have taken viewers aback, however. The two of them don't look like they're getting back together.

Like, never, ever.

Joe said Tahiry hasn't stood by him through "thick" times, which made her upset as she professed that she has always been by his side. Rough.

On a similar note, Tara is not by Peter Gunz's side, though Gunz did accept responsibility for cheating on Tara and Amina and the pain he caused.

We also saw a performance from Amina and Gunz of one of their original songs, and his admission that he'd be jealous if someone sang that to Tara.

What did you think of part one of the Love & Hip Hop reunion?