Jenelle Evans to Farrah Abraham: U Pawn Off Ur Child! Stop Living a LIE!

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Farrah Abraham recently made some harsh comments about Jenelle Evans' pregnancy, and now the latter is responding in this ongoing Teen Mom feud.

Though she claims she "wasn't judging," she basically said that Jenelle, who doesn't have custody of her son Jace, is in no position to be preg again.

A lot of us have at least thought that, even if you're Team Jenelle and think she's pulling it together. But coming from Farrah? Oh it's ON now!

Regardless of your take on the Farrah Abraham sex tape sequel that's due out next week, she may not be in a place to talk, as Jenelle notes.

Evans' response to Abraham's criticism:

"She is speaking out on her opinion of my life, my decision to have another child. My advice is that Farrah should get her own house in order, before giving out advice."

"Girl, I wouldn't be even talking ... I have a solid foundation as of now, but do u?"

"U might have money but u r backtracking. U pawn ur child off to ur mother where as I'm stepping up to take care of mine. I have the financial support this family needs."

She continued to say that she doesn't "have to get desperately naked" for her money, and accused Farrah of "living a lie constantly for the media's attention."

Notwithstanding Jenelle Evans' ridiculous use of "u" instead of "you," she doesn't make terrible points. At least for now, she is making more of an effort.

She's by no means a model parent, but she and Nathan Griffith have been together for a year and she is trying to get back custody of son Jace.

Farrah may have custody of Sophia, but beyond that, what position is she in to criticize Jenelle? Especially when it comes to "solid foundations"?

Probably not a lot, considering the shameless lies and ploys she's engineered in the past year, not to mention the whole porn thing. It's a factor.

Evans' pointed response to the criticism is not likely to quash the beef, especially with Teen Mom 2 Season 5 on the air, and Jenelle knocked up.

Oh, and that second sex tape Farrah's got in the pipeline. Fasten your seatbelts, because these two girls will have plenty more chances to unload.

Choose your side in this ongoing feud:

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