Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Lies: Called Out on Couples Therapy!

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Farrah Abraham is not smart. Like at all.

For whatever reason, she continues to maintain that the video of her having sex with porn star James Deen last year was a "leaked" sex tape with a "boyfriend."

Despite the fact that it's long established how this "sex tape" mysteriously obtained by a porn distribution company - she set it up - she keeps peddling BS.

Seriously. You've got to watch this nonsense ...

She was caught in the blatant lie again and called out this week on VH1's Couples Therapy, where she lamented people's misconceptions of her. Sigh.

Discussing the Farrah Abraham sex tape, and how it's RUINING HER LIFE, she slipped and mentioned the camera person filming her and her alleged boyfriend.

Now people think she does porn. Imagine that.

After all, Deen has said he was paid for it, met Abraham right before they filmed the tape, and was asked to go along with this bogus story (he didn't).

Abraham has always said the porn she made with a porn star was actually a sex tape that was going to leak and she had no other choice but to profit off it.

That may have worked for the Kim Kardashian sex tape, but it was never true for Farrah, and The Real L Word's Sada Bettencourt called her out on it.

Or more accurately, Farrah called herself out.

Bettencourt asked why she hired a camera crew to film a sex tape, causing Farrah to slip and say, "No there was not, there was only me and the camera person."

Then she denied ever saying "camera person." Obviously. "I don't know if I ever said 'camera person,'" she said, "but there was never a camera person."

"You did literally just say the words 'camera person,'" Bettencourt noted.

Of course, all this does is reestablish what we already know ... but there's something bizarrely compelling about such a clueless individual and unabashed liar.

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