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Lena Dunham is standing up for Dylan Farrow and, by extension, sexual assault victims everywhere.

The stepdaughter of Woody Allen alleged in an open letter to The New York Times over the weekend that the famous director abused her as a child.

She claims he took her up to the family’s attic and forced himself upon her multiple times.

The accusation has hit Hollywood hard, with Farrow calling out such big names as Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett for continuing to work with Allen, whose publicist has labeled this claim as disgraceful and untrue.

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Now, Girls creator Dunham has taken to Twitter in response to those who believe Farrow, whose claims first surfaced back in 1992, is a liar.


"In wake of Dylan’s letter I’ve noticed a lot of guys obsessed with the idea of being falsely accused…" Dunham writes.

"As if you would just be walking down the street one day, get accused of assault or sexual misconduct, and suddenly life would derail.”

The HBO star acknowledged that “there have, of course, been plenty of terrible and unjust cases in the past,” but urged people to remember that “most victims NEVER speak up.”

She closed her point by saying: “Most never feel they can. These are not stories we tell for fun, attention or revenge.”

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Yesterday on The View, Barbara Walters seemed to take the opposite approach, hinting strongly that Dylan Farrow is making up the story because she’s bitter.

Allen is nominated for an Oscar for Blue Jasmine and universally recognized in the industry as a living legend, which Farrow admits promoted her letter.

Does that mean she’s fabricating it, though? Walters is at least willing to entertain the idea, which made for some heated exchanges to say the least.

Watch her defense of Allen here, watch Girls online for more from Dunham and sound off now with your take on this whole Woody Allen situation…

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