Dean McDermott to Tori Spelling: Now YOU Get Help!

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Come what may, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott seem to have every intent of making their tumultuous relationship work and keeping their marriage intact.

Case in point: He's out of rehab and back at home with the family.

That doesn't mean the couple is home free yet, however. Why?

While Dean admits he has a lot of work to do to repair the damage he caused by allegedly cheating on Tori with Emily Goodhand, he feels this is a two-way street.

And as a result ... Dean wants Spelling to go to rehab now too!

A different kind of "rehab," but still. He's adamant about this.

Her extreme spending issue, not the fact that he allegedly complained often about their sexless marriage, are the impetus for McDermott's request.

Ironically, during the stress caused by Dean, Tori's shopping addiction may be more of an issue than ever, at a time when she can least afford it (literally).

Given the regular "Tori Spelling broke" rumors, and the reality star's claim that she "only" has $1 million in the bank ... one doesn't know what to think.

If this is true, though, Dean asking Tori to address her habit may not be a slap in the face, but progress in that he's not letting issues linger under the surface.

Spending too much money isn't the same as sleeping around with random women, but his request is a sign that he wants to move forward in more open fashion.

It looks like she's already made up her mind not to pull the plug on their union, but he's clearly on thin ice after his affair. Who knows how this will go over.

What do you think: Should Tori stay with Dean?

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