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Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are broke, having lost their $18 million fortune, according to the latest issue of Star Magazine.

Yes, the celebrity gossip tabloid claims they have NO cash remaining.

More incredibly, Star says that the reality TV pair have had to BEG her estranged mother, Candy Spelling, for the paltry (for them) sum of $50,000.

Tori Spelling in 2021

Apparently they were denied, since, you know, they hate each other.

Allegedly, the duo has sold ALL of their homes at a huge loss in order to merely stay afloat, while friends worry that the turbulent marriage will not last.

Of course, it’s unclear how Tori and Dean allegedly lost all their money, or what “broke” even means to people like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.


It’s all relative, after all. Compared to Candy? Broke.

Compared to the random person on the street who buys this tabloid (money well spent) and actually maybe believes this cover story? Not so much.

That’s even if they’re having financial problems at all.

Not unlike the Faith Hill-Tim McGraw divorce rumors, this is one tabloid report we’d take with a grain of salt … one big enough for Candy’s mansion.