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Maria Kang, the controversial online force also known as “Fit Mom,” was temporarily kicked off Facebook last week after a fat-shaming rant.

Kang wrote a post about positive media coverage of an online group that’s encouraging plus-size women to post photos of themselves in lingerie.

The group’s goal is to show what “real women” look like.

Fit Mom Banned From Facebook

Maria Kang, who caused controversy this year by posting a photo of her toned self with her kids and the tagline “What’s Your excuse?” was not impressed.

Maria wrote on Facebook that she was “starting to get annoyed” at all the attention this was getting, then criticized the high obesity rates in the U.S.

“We keep blaming the culprit (school lunches, fast food) when real change starts at home,” wrote Kang, upset that she, conversely, took heat for being so fit.


Kang, who said that she aims to inspire, not shame, is nonetheless proud of how she looks and unwilling to apologize for her fitness commitment.

“People made me feel bad about a picture of me and my children,” said Kang, who fears coverage of the lingerie group is “normalizing” obesity.

“When you see someone who is healthy it’s almost so shocking,” she laments. “We’ve gone to a point where we’re normalizing [a health] crisis.”

Kang says “we need to change this strange mentality we are breeding in the U.S.” and “start celebrating people who are a result of hard work, dedication and discipline.”

After Kang put the post on Facebook it was flagged by a reader, and the social media site removed it, calling it “hate speech,” KGO-TV reports.

Soon after it banned Kang, Facebook then said the post had been taken down by mistake and reinstated Kang’s access to the social media site.

According to KGO, Kang’s original post was not reposted.

Kang wrote another message reiterating that she didn’t want to shame overweight people but that she believes some people celebrate unhealthy habits.

“I think you should love yourself,” she told ABC News.

At the same time, she says, “there’s a fine line we’re walking between I love myself and accept myself, and I love and accept and want to progress myself.”

What do you think of Maria’s stance on the issue?