Justin Bieber Fulfills Female Desires, Stars in Very Strange Short Film

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Justin Bieber is all about making women's dreams come true these days.

The singer seemingly slept with an occasional porn star named Tati Neves during his recent visit to Brazil and partied with strippers inside his Calabasas mansion earlier this month.

And now the artist stars in "The Key," an unusual short film meant to promote the his new perfume, aptly titled "The Key."

Justin utters nary a word in the movie, simply fulfilling the desires of several woman inside a hotel.

He stops by their rooms as they sleep. He dresses as a bellhop to deliver wedding cake. He feeds one fan macaroons because, hey, who doesn't love macaroons?!?

What do all these females have in common? They sleep with "The Key" beside them in bed.

The ad ends in an Inception-type of way, however, with Justin waking up and realizing he was actually the one having these dreams. WHOA! Sort of makes you think, doesn't it?

But does it make you want to buy Bieber's fragrance? That is the main question.

Watch above and prepare for Justin's full-length film, "Believe" to hit theaters on Christmas Day.

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