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Tati Neves, the Brazilian model and bodybuilder who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in bed last week, now says she definitely did have sex with him.

He was up to the task, too – equipment-wise and performance-wise.

The 27-year-old previously played coy regarding her hookup with Justin, which reportedly upset Selena Gomez whether they exchanged bodily fluids or not.

In a new interview, however, she’s no longer beating around the bush when it comes to her bush and Bieber beating … whatever, you get the idea.

“Take it from me, he’s well endowed, and very good in bed,” Neves tells the Sun. “A man must know what to do to make me happy. Justin did all that and more.”

Justin Bieber. He aims to please … in more ways than one!


Tatiana Neves says she met Bieber at Rio de Janeiro club, Zax, when a member of his entourage invited him back to his rented nearby house.

The brunette claims that she and about 10 other young women partied at the superstar’s “beautiful” rented pad, and that Bieber politely approached her.

Tatiana Neves: Justin Bieber So Good in Bed!

They began chatting, flirting and dancing, she says, before the Bieb cut to the chase and asked her if she’d model a bikini for him. Oh so subtle, JB.

Soon after, they banged. “He moved in close and nuzzled into my neck, then kissed me gently below my ear,” she said. “He only had eyes for me.”

The prostitute he slept with, allegedly, may beg to differ there, but Tati says he seductively leaned in and said, “‘Mmm, I’d love to see you in a bikini.'”

MMMM. As for the actual sexual intercourse?

The. Earth. Moved. Her world? Rocked.

“It was one of the best moments in my life. It was marvelous and unforgettable,” she says. “He has quite a fit body and he looked great naked.”

Although Neves admits to filming Justin Bieber asleep (below), she blames a gal pal, whom she texted the now-infamous video, for posting the clip online.

“The video was just for her eyes only. I am really, really angry with her,” she explains, even if no one on Earth possibly believe that to be the case.

Thanks for sharing, though, Tati.

Justin Bieber Filmed by Random Woman, Fast Asleep