Justin Bieber Party Details: Strippers! Naked Beer Pong! Chris Brown!

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New details have come in regarding Justin Bieber's totally wild and crazy party on Friday night.

We already know the police were called three times by neighbors complaining of noise. And we know that Bieber forced guests to sign a $3 million confidentiality agreement.

But now TMZ has exclusive intel about just what went down inside the shindig... along with who was there to enjoy all the festivities!

Insiders say the guest list included Snoop Dogg, T.I., Floyd Mayweather and woman beater Chris Brown.

Also on hand? At least 20 "big booty" strippers," this source confirms, with women on the premises feeling self-conscious about their clothing and ditching most of their layers as well as the evening wore on.

Bieber reportedly carried around stacks of one-dollar bills and ended up making it rain with over $10,000 in cash overall; one dancer tells TMZ she took home $1,300 on her own.

There was alcohol. There was marijuana. There were three open bars. And Snoop allegedly spent most of the night playing strip beer pong with many of the ladies. Because he's awesome.

How many of these details are accurate? We may never know,

But watch the video above and listen to Bieber himself make it clear: the party was "wild."


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