Alec Baldwin: FIRED By MSNBC!

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Temperamental actor and commentator Alec Baldwin has been fired by MSNBC following his homophobic outburst earlier this month ... and low ratings.

Given the controversy and general liability of having him around, the network cut ties with the host of the ratings-challenged Up Late with Alec Baldwin.

Sources at MSNBC confirm that the decision to can Alec was based, in part, on his recent outburst, in which he called a photographer a "c--ksucking f-g."

One would think, given that this wasn't even the first time he went off on an offensive tirade at members of the media. Or the second. This year.

Baldwin immediately went into damage control mode after the incident, but arguably, that only made matters worse for the embattled father of two.

First, he claimed he said the word "fathead." Seriously.

Then, he claimed he did not realize "c--ksucking" could be perceived as anti-gay. Then he trotted out a male hairdresser to prove he's cool with gay people.

Finally, he spoke at a conference and professed his (platonic) love of dudes. It just couldn't get much more awkward and MSNBC apparently had enough.

The network previously suspended him, and later decided that any potential gains from the 55-year-old bringing him back just weren't worth the fallout.

Please, paparazzi, do not ask him for comment.


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