Chris Brown Fight, Arrest NOT Captured on Video; Advantage Chris?

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Despite taking place just blocks from the White House, Chris Brown's latest arrest was not captured on video, which likely means good things for the singer.

Not a single camera recorded the altercation, and in this case it could be game-changing because of some of the witness accounts that are already disputed.

The 24-year-old star has been charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching some guy in the face outside the W Hotel in D.C. a week ago.

There are two cameras on an overhang at the hotel, but neither was trained on the fight, which Chris' camp is claiming he never threw a punch in.

What's more, although there are government buildings in the immediate area, law enforcement sources say no surveillance camera saw the fight.

Both investigators and members of Chris Brown's team have combed the area looking for video of what went down but have come up empty-handed.

This is good news for Chris, as allegations of him taking a shot at the guy for no reason can't be backed up with hard evidence. And then there's this:

A U.S. Secret Service agent patrolling the area at the time of the fight allegedly overheard the victim tell a D.C. cop that Chris did NOT punch him.

The D.C. police officer has since denied the victim ever told him that, but the Secret Service agent could hurt his credibility if he gives a statement.

Looking good for Chris, or at least better than in the immediate aftermath, when he was looking at an all-but-certain probation violation and more.

The singer is in rehab for anger management issues as we speak.


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