Mom Shames Pumpkin Thief With Sign on Porch, Story Goes Viral

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And here we thought the saying was "like taking candy from a baby." One mom in D.C. posted a sign shaming the person who stole her son's pumpkin off their front porch.

Guess the thief didn't get the memo about what we're supposed to be stealing.

(Hint: Snickers. Always the Snickers. Steal the Snickers. Share them with me.)

But this person? Oh, no. This person had to steal a toddler's pumpkin, and only his pumpkin, leaving the other three pumpkins alone. Yep. Definitely an a$$hole move.

First there was twerk shaming. Then there was fat shaming. Normally, the person doing the shaming draws our ire, but this time? This time it's definitely the shame-e who deserves the internet's irritation.


Mama Bear Becky Reina said she didn't expect her sign to go viral. She wrote the note thanking the thief for helping her teach her son a "life lesson" and calling that thief an"a$$hole" and put it on her porch hoping to distract her son from the fact that his pumpkin was missing.

She posted it on her personal Facebook page and it received about 40 likes.

But one of those "likes" came from a Redditor who took Reina's photo and posted it in one of the community's forums and from there the image took on a life of its own.

Reina said that her son was too excited that he got to hold scissors while helping her hang the sign to notice that his pumpkin was missing, but once calls and emails started coming in from as far away as London's Daily Mail, the tot became sad because others were sad. 

One man in their neighborhood offered up his own pumpkin to Little Tommy so that mom could teach the lesson that while there are mean people in the world, there are good people, too.

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