Chris Brown Victim: Overheard Saying Star Never Hit Him?!

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Chris Brown's legal prospects are looking up if a new report is to be believed. Allegedly, the victim was overheard saying that Brown did not land a punch.

According to court documents, a witness to the fight Sunday morning told investigators that he heard the alleged victim tell a cop Brown NEVER HIT HIM.

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The cop later denied speaking with the witness in question, but it gets stranger still, due to a Secret Service agent that made contact with D.C. police.

The agent told them he happened to be around when the victim told the officer that Chris never struck him. The agent says he absolutely heard the comment.

This is doubly helpful for Chris Brown, because if a Secret Service agent is willing to go out of his way to make that known, it's huge for his side of the story.

He's accused of throwing the first punch and hitting the guy for almost no reason. If it turned out that he didn't hit him period, as this agent now believes?

Not only would it potentially clear Brown, it would hurt the credibility of the alleged victim and likely serve as a major boost in Brown's probation dilemma.

Chris is not going to jail for the misdemeanor assault case, guilty or not. But the possibility of a probation revocation in the Rihanna case is very real.

If a judge feels that Brown is disregarding laws and stirring up trouble, his freedom could be revoked without a conviction in this or any other new case.

He could go to jail for up to four years if that happens, given that Brown's probation for beating Rihanna is technically in lieu of him serving that sentence.

However, if this new report is true, the U.S. Secret Service of all agencies could be handing him a Get Out of Jail Free card. How's that for surprises?

As a gesture of contrition and good faith to address his issues, Chris is in rehab for anger management, and may stay there for up to three months.

He is due in court November 25. Stay tuned.

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