Macklemore, Ryan Lewis Prank Call Scalpers, Post Video Online

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Hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who just earned more accolades than any 2013 American Music Awards nominees with six, are a hot ticket these days.

Too hot, in the guys' estimation, when it comes to scalpers marking up their concert tickets for a trio of sold-out shows in their hometown of Seattle.

The "Thrift Shop" rapper and his producer/DJ posted a YouTube video of the former employing various identities to prank call scalpers he found online.

He's pretty funny, especially with the British accent. Check it out:

"Hello, I'm calling about the Craigslist tickets for the Macklemore show," the faux-British rapper said. "I don't know if the bloke is worth 65 bucks a ticket."

"What's even this bloke's best song?" Macklemore mused.

"He's got two of them actually," the woman on the line said.

"Only two songs? Two-hit wonder!" Macklemore replied.

The woman's interest was piqued as Macklemore mentioned Justin Bieber, and the rapper egged her on, asking what she'd do if she had tickets to his show.

"You wouldn't sell Bieber tickets if you had them," he said. "From what I hear, Bieber doesn't even matter that much anymore. Macklemore is, like, the thing."

After telling the woman he's there to "wheel and deal" her, Macklemore starts to get down to business, trying to negotiate her down from $65 per ticket.

After nearly seven minutes of back-and-forth with the woman, who would only go as low as $60 per, Macklemore finally came clean and ended the game.

"I'm going to marinate on it," he told the understandably shocked seller, dropping the bomb: "I think you missed out a bit because this is Macklemore."

"No way," the woman replied upon realizing she'd been had.

"I'll see you in Seattle at some point," Macklemore told her, insisting that he has more than two songs and defending his hair. "I'll be on the Internet."

Now THAT is how you market your upcoming tour dates!

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