Wendy Williams SLAMS Kris Jenner: What a Greedy Viper!

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Based on testimony from pretty much all involved, everyone is very happy about the Kris Jenner-Bruce Jenner separation.

There appear to be no hard feelings, no "bad blood as Rob Kardashian puts it," and both sides are admittedly much better off on their own.

But they shouldn't be, Wendy Wiliams insists for some reason. There's a major problem here, people!

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The talk show host used this buzz worthy story to garner some attention for herself on yesterday's program, going off about the "lies" regarding how this couple is still in contact.

"I believe Kris will say and do anything," Williams said, dubbing Jenner a "viper" for not divorcing Bruce and choosing instead to keep her fortune.

“Just split the money with Bruce and let him go on about his business and everything,” said Williams, adding profoundly: “Money doesn’t keep you comfortable at night.”

Wendy then addressed Bruce Jenner directly: "f you want a divorce, Bruce, get that divorce."

Bruce, of course, has never come close to saying he wants a divorce. Heck, many believe this separation is just a ratings ploy for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Where do you stand, though? Do you believe this break-up is really amicable? And whose side of the split are you on?

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