Joel Ward, Washington Capitals Forward, Traps Self in Bathroom; Tweets for Help

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Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward ran into a problem on Saturday prior to his team taking the ice against the Dallas Stars.

Stick trouble? Nope. The lack of a scouting report? No. Pregame nerves? Guess again. The winger got locked in the hotel bathroom.

Ward said he went into "panic mode" when the door wouldn't open and tried to text a teammates to come to his rescue. But when he received no response, he decided on a 21st century solution instead:

He Tweeted a picture of himself inside the stall and wrote along with it: "Stuck in the washroom...someone help? #Dallasproblems #OmniHotel #Validexcuse"

Ward was eventually found and freed and played in the game, but not before he earned quite the mocking from his teammates, as you might expect.

“I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t really think it would spiral to this big a case,” Ward said afterward. “We were just making jokes about it, and next thing you know I have my own mother texting me, asking me what was going on in the bathroom.”

Here's a look at the photo of this daring rescue:

Freeing WArd
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