Scott Mackintosh, Utah Dad, Wears Short Shorts to Teach Daughter a Lesson

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In yet another attempt to control teens everywhere with a little shame and public embarrassment, one Utah dad decided to dress like his daughter to send the message that "modest is hottest."

While getting ready for family night, Scott Mackintosh's wife Becky asked their teenage daughter to change her shorts. The teen's response? "No."

Dad's response? Well, see for yourself.

Upon hearing his daughter's refusal to change her clothes, dear old dad decided to meet her attire with a pair of short shorts of his own.

Mackintosh grabbed a pair of scissors and some old jeans and cut the shorts so that there was "only about an inch of material below the crotch of the shorts." 

Thank the Hollywood stars their family fun night didn't include twerkingamiright?

When neither of his children paid attention to his attire before leaving the house, Mackintosh proceeded to wear the shorts to their local Hibachi restaurant and mini-golf facility.

In both locations, his teenage daughter remained nonplussed, even going so far as to post pictures of her father to her Tumblr blog and encourage gawkers to ask his permission to take his photo.

She drew the line, however, at accompanying her family inside a restaurant for a milkshake nightcap. 

Scott Mackintosh Wears Short Shorts

Mackintosh maintains that his point was never to shame or humiliate his daughter. While his goal was to teach an "object lesson" that "modest is hottest," he believes he probably missed the mark.

No matter. At the very least, the young girl will always know how much her father loves her by his willingness to publicly embarrass himself.

Having grown weary of his daughter's refusal to dress in a manner he and his wife deem appropriate, Scott Mackintosh resorted to what some may call drastic measures.

Others might say this is this extreme attempt to control his daughter's dress is but one of several to go viral in recent weeks and doesn't really do much to curb teenage enthusiasm for fashion.

These viral statements of parental proclamation beg the question, does this sort of thing even work? What do you think, THGers?

Should parents publicly shame children in order to teach them a lesson?

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