Samantha Lynn Goudie Gets WASTED at College Football Game, Tweets "Epic" BAC from Jail

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YOLO, people. YOLO.

Samantha Lynn Goudie, a 22-year-old University of Iowa student, had a few dozen too many Saturday, as she tried to rush the field during a game against Northern Illinois.

Campus police stopped her before Samantha could cross the line, taking the Lindsay Lohan wannabe into custody and giving her a breathalyzer ... on which she blew a .341.

Seriously, a .341. The legal threshold for intoxication is .08.

And how, you ask, do we know Goudie blew a .341?

Because she Tweeted the results FROM JAIL!

"Just went to jail #yolo," she wrote, followed by: "Blew a .341 in jail" and "I'm going to get .341 tattooed on me because its so epic."

YOLO is one reaction to this incident. Another? SMH.

But while it's shocking she could ingest this much alcohol and continue breathing, much less stand upright, one aspect of this story is not the least bit surprising.

Samantha's Twitter handle is @Vodka_Samm.

Samantha Lynn Goudie Mug Shot
Drunk Girl

Drake could not be reached for comment.

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