Jenna Shea: Steve Ward Promised Me "Tough Love" Spot For Sex!

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Jenna Shea claims she is the call girl - webcam girl, if you will - who engaged in sex with reality star Steve Ward to get on his VH1 show Tough Love.

“I need to be on ur show BAD,” she wrote to him in August 2012. “google me i emailed already and you never put on any girls who are known u should”

His response: “As a professional ‘web cam girl’ I can tell u, you deserve fast track, priority, front row seating for #toughlove @iamjennashea. #respect”

Throughout the fall, Jenna continued to stay in contact, writing. “@stevenbward let’s do it let me kno [sic] when your [sic] casting I need #toughlove”

On October 12, they had their most flirty exchange to date. Jenna asked Ward, “What does my avi say about me? lol” regarding her Twitter profile pic.

It features Jenna Shea on all fours wearing a thong.

He answered, “It says use your imagination.”

According to her website, Jenna is “a master of creating a sanctuary of seduction" and "a natural pleaser" who promises to make it worth your while.

Indeed, Steve Ward had sex with her during a rendezvous at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, after promising Jenna Shea a coveted spot on his show.

It blew up in his face when the "deal" leaked.

Without knowing how long it lasted, it's hard to say if Ward, 32, got ripped off or not. The market value for Shea's services is apparently pretty high.

An hour with Jenna goes for $1,000, with 90 minutes $1,500, two hours at $2,000, three hours for $2,500, four for $3,000, five for $3,5000 and six for $4,000.

Twelve-hour overnights in L.A. go for $5,000 and overnights elsewhere for 24 hours are the same price, including first-class airfare and travel expenses.

Jenna also has a link to her Amazon wish list online, a la Farrah Abraham, including links for fans to buy her corsets, whips and Amazon gift cards.

You know. In case you want to pretend your hooker really likes you and isn't just taking you for an unbelievably expensive, albeit pleasure-filled ride.

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