Steve Ward, Tough Love Host, Offers Call Girl Spot on Show in Exchange For Sex

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Tough Love matchmaker Steve Ward is in hot water after promising to cast a high-end hooker on the VH1 show he helms in exchange for sex.

The escort tells Radar that Ward, 32, boasted about his sleazy work-for-sex deal and even bragged that he had the “greatest life known to man.”

How did this play out, exactly?

A man can be heard outrageously propositioning the call girl during a rendezvous at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Calif., in December of last year.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, says the voice is that of Ward, best known as the host and executive producer of VH1′s Tough Love.

“I will promise to do my very best to get you on my show and put you at the very front of the line to be on my show if you f--k me, right now,” he said.

“Nobody will know about that. I promise I won’t tell a soul."

"I promise. I promise," Ward adds. "Nobody will know.”

FYI: The woman says she consummated the deal.

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However, here's where it gets even more ridiculous: Ward did not pay the vice girl, who advertises her services online for as much as $5,000 a night.

“I am angling here… (inaudible). You’re in the business of sex so I am going to make you an offer,” Ward, or whomever it is, says on the tape.

“I think this is f--king cool. I am pretty sure if I am f--king you five minutes from now after making this deal, I would be so thrilled that I made a deal and bartered for this."

“I’d be like, this is amazing. I have the greatest life known to man.”

Ward has not commented on the allegations.

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