Rita Ora, Cara Delevigne Have Falling Out Over "Uncomfortable" Performance

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British pop singer Rita Ora has apparently had a falling out with model "wifey" Cara Delevigne after a recent incident at a DKNY fashion event.

Ora, 22, now feels "uncomfortable" around her best friend Delevigne, 20, after she grabbed Rita's mic in mid-song and started grinding on her.

“There’s a lot of hurt on both sides of this," an insider said.

"But Rita’s been working towards her career and carefully crafting her image for four years and it was all in danger of being a joke after that shabby performance."

"Rita's been advised to distance herself from the model."

The once-inseparable duo hasn't been seen together since.

In fact, Ora has declared designer Stella McCartney "my new wife" and Delevigne just rented a yacht with Rihanna, with whom Ora does not get along.

Rob Kardashian was not available for comment.

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