Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Under the Gun"

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Pretty Little Liars packed quite the emotional wallop this week, while also taking viewers on a road trip to Ravenswood.

Indeed, a strong episode was marred by the fact that it was clearly used as a set-up for this fall's spinoff.

Yes, Ravenswood looks interesting and creepy and we'll certainly be tuning in this October... but we hit up ABC Family last night for the happenings in Rosewood, not some other strange new town.

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And what did go down at home for the Liars? A rundown of events and questions follows:

  • Aria was slut-shamed. This was powerful, realistic stuff. Far too many teenage girls suffer a similar, trash talking-based fate. Good for Mike for standing up for his sister, but maybe he should try a less self-destructive way next time.
  • Emily fell for one of A's tricks. She's now very much on Tanner's radar... and did folks stick around for next week's preview and those Emily masks?!?
  • Hanna was put through the emotional ringer. Her mistake led to her mom getting arrested at the end of the episode, but come on. Does anyone believe Ashley is guilty? The real issue, though, is how this will affect her daughter.
  • Toby and Spencer took us to Ravenswood. We saw how much the former's lie has damaged their relationship and viewers should be asking themselves: Should Toby really be trusting A? Should Spencer trust Toby?

What did everyone else think of this Pretty Little Liars Season 4 episode? Are you excited for Ravenswood?

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