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Michael Jackson went to extreme lengths to avoid being caught sexually abusing kids, according to Wade Robson, who said he had a special alarm put in.

Robson, who is suing MJ’s estate for damages incurred from alleged molestation, says the alarm would warn him whenever someone was approaching.

Wade says that the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson’s room, which also had a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

Robson claims Jackson sexually abused him for years as a child, beginning in 1990, and brainwashed him to the point where he lied under oath in 2005.

It seems hard to believe that the man seen in those amazing Michael Jackson home videos could be capable of such a thing, but Wade insists it happened.

Far from the first molestation claim made against him, too.

You tell us: Do you believe Wade Robson’s claims?