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Wade Robson has outlined the child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, along with “coaching” he later received from the King of Pop.

Robson, 30, says he was molested in various ways and at various times beginning on February 4, 1990 and continuing for the next seven years.

Much of the alleged abuse of Wade has been redacted, but some notable details – such as Michael’s response to his first molestation accuser – remain.

Best Dancer Ever?

According to TMZ, documents filed by Robson against MJ’s estate say that after Jordan Chandler made allegations against MJ, Michael called Wade.

Jackson then “brainwashed him into being a good soldier.”


Michael would allegedly role-play with Wade Robson, saying “They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff. We never did any of that, right?”

The role-playing sessions continued all the way to 2005, during the molestation trial where Robson adamantly defended Jackson under oath.

Michael allegedly told Wade at the time, “They are making up all these lies about you and I, saying that we did all this disgusting sexual stuff.”

“They are just trying to take us down, take away my power and my money, take away our careers. We can’t let them do this.”

The documents also state that a housekeeper witnessed the abuse.

During the 2005 trial, she testified that she walked by Michael’s shower and heard him playing with “little Wade,” with two pairs of underwear outside.

Robson is seeking damages for the emotional trauma he says he suffered, while Jackson’s family members have adamantly denied his claims.