Bill O'Reilly SLAMS Supreme Court Rulings, John Roberts in Fox News Rant

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Bill O'Reilly went off on a rant against the Supreme Court's rulings on gay marriage last night, ending in a shouting match with two Fox News analysts.

O'Reilly eviscerated the court, and specifically Chief Justice John Roberts, for the rulings that struck down DOMA and vacated Proposition 8 in California.

His reasoning? "The Supreme Court has morphed into a political organization, not a body that seeks to uphold the Constitution," said the TV personality.

O'Reilly added that he did not aim to discriminate against gays or same-sex marriage, but that "the gay marriage issue should be decided by each state."

Analyst Juan Williams incurred his wrath by arguing that Roberts "made a decision based on what he thought was in the political best interest of the court."

O'Reilly, who likened the decisions to 2012's upholding of Obamacare, gave a table-banging response: "But that's not his job! That's not his job, Juan!"

Bill's beef appears to be with the SCOTUS itself, rather than the issue of gay marriage, though he doesn't seem to think either ruling was right in any case.

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