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Is the media coverage of Kate Middleton’s post-pregnancy body, which became THE topic right after she gave birth to the Royal Baby, disrespectful to women?

Since the moment she and Prince William presented Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge to the world, her figure became a talking point.

Reactions to her appearance ranged from positive to negative to just plain curious.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

“Why Does Kate Middleton Still Have Her Baby Bump?” screamed one headline.

“Kate Middleton’s royal baby post-bump is a boost of confidence for mums everywhere,” another said. “How can she look so pretty just after giving birth?”


One fashion blogger wrote “in all honesty, the dress was not pleasing to the eye, neither was the stomach. I hope she gets her post-maternity bod soon.”

Scores of Middleton-related search terms clogged the web, such as “diet,” “post baby bump,” “belly,” “stomach,” and “why does Kate Middleton still look pregnant.”

Kate remains wildly popular, but could the whole thing signal that society’s obsession with her looks puts unrealistic stress on mothers and women?

“The media’s neuroticism over Kate’s post-pregnant looks is brainwashing women,” human behavior expert Patrick Wanis told Fox News.

How? He says that the intense coverage implies all women will be “judged and criticized unless they meet the new standard – unattainable perfection.”

“The obsession with the perfect female body is spiraling out of control.”

The same DAY she gave birth, a weight loss tabloid cover from OK! sparked outcry thanks to its “Kate’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Regime” headline.

As for the medical reason her “bump” is still showing, experts say it takes around 10 days for a woman’s womb to contract back to its normal size.

Many praised Kate for her “bravery” in challenging one of the taboos of pregnancy – the post-partum belly – and for not recoiling from the spotlight.

Basically, she’s not image-obsessed and doesn’t care what people say, and certainly isn’t holding out for a huge tabloid photo spread a la Kim Kardashian.

Just the same, when it comes to the media, critics say it’s all too much.

“The focus should be on how she feels as a mother and the love and nurturing she will express as well as the bond between her and her newborn,” Wanis said.

“Rather than whether or not she still looks hot. And hot for whom?”