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While The Bachelorette spoilers have laid out pretty much the entire season so far with great accuracy, here is a related story we did not see coming:

Jef Holm, who briefly got engaged to Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette, is reportedly in talks to become the next Bachelor star, according to reports.

The 28-year-old is under consideration for the role because he knows how to “turn on the charm,” insiders say … though he may also turn people off.

While Ems herself got the lead part after winning The Bachelor and splitting with Brad Womack, Jef doesn’t have quite the same compelling life story.


Still, celebrity gossip sources report that it’s a real possibility.

Jef Holm has been in talks with ABC,” the source says. “He loves fame, so it’s no surprise he’d be open to the opportunity. He knows how to turn on the charm!”

Debatable as that is, he’s mended fences with his ex at least.

“She’s a great girl,” Jef said in a recent interview regarding Emily. “It didn’t work out with us, but she’s a great girl. Ultimately, we wanted different things.

“I ultimately wish the best for her. And it’s a true testament to maturity, I think, that we can stay friends afterwards and wish the best for each other.”

It’s not clear what those different things were, but it could not have been more obvious what Emily Maynard was after (BABIES!) the whole time.

What do you think? Can you see Jef as The Bachelor?

UPDATE, 8/5/13: Sorry, Jef fans. It’s not him.

The new Bachelor is Juan Pablo Galavis!