Valerie Dodds Poses Topless in Front of School in Response to Career Backlash

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Valerie Dodds, a.k.a. Val Midwest, is getting revenge on her old high school by playing a game of show and tell (so to speak) right in front of its doors.

She's posing for topless photos on the campus in response to backlash she received regarding her new career - operating a personal adult website.

While her classmates at Lincoln, Neb., Catholic school Pius X contemplated going to college, Valerie Dodds went the entrepreneurial route as Val Midwest.

As news of her venture into the adult world spread, drama followed.

"All of the Pius kids were saying mean things ... that's when I decided to go there and show them that I'm here to stay,” Dodds told ABC affiliate KETV.

The 19-year-old took a series of photos, nude, on the campus over Mother's Day weekend, and recently received a ticket for trespassing and public nudity.

In response, Dodds visited the campus with a camera again.

This time, she had her picture taken by daylight, with pasties and panties on. A police spokesman confirmed that Dodd's recent stunt didn't break the law.

So is her revenge plan complete? Not necessarily.

"I kind of want to go down to the courthouse and do a set right up front in pasties and panties. That sounds fun to me," Dodds told KETV.

To us too, Val. To us too.