Ben Scott Defends Introducing Son, Making Enemies on The Bachelorette

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The Bachelorette's Ben Scott is already being set up as the season's villain.

That doesn't appear to bother the 29-year-old Dallas entrepreneur, though.

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Despite making enemies for interrupting another suitor's chat with Desiree Hartsock - when he already had a rose, no less - Ben says he'll do what he has to do.

How far will he make it? The Bachelorette spoilers shed light on that, if you want to know. But it sure looks like he's a strong contender at this stage.

Scott, who also raised eyebrows by introducing his young son to Des the first night, spoke with reporters about the heat he's taken so far this season.

On introducing Brody: "It didn't matter what everybody else thought. [I only wondered] how is this going to affect Desiree and my son's mother?"

"I confirmed that she was 100% okay with this before any of it happened."

"The main reason I brought Brody was to see how Des reacted when she [realized] I was a father. It was a big risk. It could have gone two ways."

"[Either] she's going to love the fact that I'm a father, proud of my son, or it's going to show me that she's not ready to ... become a mother figure."

"Des was 100 percent open to [it]. It made me extremely happy."

On barging in on Michael's one-on-one time: "I have no regrets. This is a show to find love. I was there to see if [she's] the one I'm going to spend life with."

"That came back to bite me with some guys. But without time, you can't grow your relationship. Those minutes I got were great minutes that helped."

"I love talking to her. Could how I got that time been handled differently? Of course. But you're nervous in a situation you're not used to and I wanted to talk."

"I feel bad that I hurt somebody's feelings but in the moment, it felt right."

On whether the guys are just jealous: "I've gone into this knowing that things may be said that I may not like. I'm not worrying about what other people said."

"I don't hold anything against the other guys [or] their opinions."

"I don't focus on negative things so I wasn't going to let what happened with Michael affect what was happening with me and Des. My intentions were in the right place."

"Des was my main concentration throughout. Some people make judgments without truly knowing somebody. People will decide on their own."

"The only [opinions] that I would be concerned with was my family ... as long as I'm being who I am and I'm doing things my mother would be okay with seeing on TV, I'm okay."

On whether Desiree Hartsock is the one: I don't jump into things extremely fast, but there was definitely a connection. We have a lot of things in common and things are going really well."

"I'm excited. Des is an amazing kisser."