Ian Bain Dies; Scottish Writer Was 59

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Ian Bain, a versatile Scottish writer who found success in multiple genres, passed away early yesterday morning from cancer. He was 59 years old.

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Due to his diagnosis, the author announced two months ago that "The Quarry" would be his final novel, and his wife confirmed online yesterday that Bain's passing "was calm and without pain."

Publisher Little Brown added in a statement that Banks' "ability to combine the most fertile of imaginations with his own highly distinctive brand of gothic humor made him unique. He is an irreplaceable part of the literary world."

Banks rose to literary fame through a series of general fiction works, but he later created a new following via science-fiction stories that started with 1987's "Consider Phlebas."

In April, Banks told fans that he had been diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and was "officially very poorly."

He subsequently canceled all public appearances and married Adele, who is now his sole family survivor.

Last month, Banks wrote of the outpouring of support he has received since going public with his disease:

"It means a lot, almost more than I can say, and - whatever type or size of screen I read the comments on - I come away from the computer, laptop, iPad or phone with a happy smile on my face."