LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville Stirring Up Drama to Sabotage My Album!

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LeAnn Rimes‘ camp is questioning Brandi Glanville's motives for stirring up drama, as usual, insinuating that the singer's new album is the motivator.

Says a friend of Rimes to celeb gossip site Radar:

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes Photo

“So much for not engaging or talking about Eddie and LeAnn once the book tour ended. Coincidence that she starts this all up as press for LeAnn’s new album has started?"

"It’s so transparent.”

The hostilities erupted when Brandi Glanville slammed her ex-husband and Rimes' current spouse, Eddie Cibrian, for allegedly keeping her from their kids.

Reopening the three-year spat, the reality star claimed she tried in vain to reach Eddie, then grew irate when Rimes appeared to respond to her - online.

“I tweeted the father of my boys Mon night after trying to reach them for an hour. I dont know Y ANY1 else tweeted me back with involvement (sic),” she wrote.

“The kids called me 1 minute after that tweet #therealtruth Im so sick of BS lies I tweeted EC not his wife she should mind her business."

“I am NOT in a twitter war with ANYONE!" Brandi went on. "Ive been doing my best to not engage, I have no war with anyone I just miss my babes.”

Seemingly fed-up with the drama, or at least fronting that she is, LeAnn retorted: “Name calling and twitter rants are so 2012. Music and truth is so 2013.”

A source close to Cibrian and Rimes said that Brandi Glanville is totally full of it when she says she only took to Twitter out of concern for her sons.

“It is completely inaccurate that Brandi doesn’t have a phone number ... she absolutely does as well as a number for Eddie, the house and an email address."

“Of course, she is also aware that Eddie doesnt even use his Twitter so there was no reason to be tweeting at him beyond to ensure this all went public.”

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