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Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville are all gunning for Celebrity Parents of the Year 2013. Let’s just award them that now. Three-way tie.

Brandi has had a field day bashing Eddie and LeAnn in her memoir Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders and her subsequent media tour.

Well, two (or three) can play at this shamelessly fame-hungry game.

“Drinking and instagramming whattttttttt my new book title,” Eddie captioned a photo on Instagram of himself and LeAnn about to do shots last week.


After getting some nasty feedback, Eddie only responded to one follower who found it funny, saying, “Glad someone has a sense of humor!”

As much as Eddie and LeAnn try to pretend Brandi’s book doesn’t bother them, and that they don’t pay attention to her in general, clearly they do.

A new report claims the country singer is “losing it” over the tell-all, as it plays upon her “nagging fears about Eddie that one woman isn’t enough.”

“Does it bother her? Of course,” says a source close to the pair.

“No woman would want to read these things about her husband. But she knows that Eddie loves her. LeAnn desperately wants to believe him.”

“If they don’t last, she looks like the biggest loser in the world.”

Loser or not, she’s apparently taking a shot of her own at Brandi, who openly fears that LeAnn is stealing her family, with this pic of Eddie’s son Jake:

The colossal, public feud between the threesome continues to grow with insiders on Team LeAnn now claiming that Brandi cheated on Eddie first.

Glanville denied the report from Us Weekly that she hooked up with Harry Morton and Rick Fox, tweeting that she’s “laughing out loud” about it.

Probably less so about Eddie and LeAnn’s Instagram shenanigans.