Jose Canseco Poses with Accuser Night of Alleged Rape

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A new photo has emerged of Jose Canseco posing cozily with the woman who has accused him of rape.

In the picture, submitted exclusively to TMZ, the former Oakland's A's slugger has his arm around a female in a short, tight blue dress. Her hand is resting on his exposed chest hair.

Jose Canseco Pic

The picture - taken by a fan who recognized Canseco and said the woman was laughing and joking that she and Jose were married - was snapped at 2:51 a.m. at the MGM Casino on May 10.

Police are now investigating the woman's claim that Canseco later sexually assaulted her, a charge this ex-athlete has vehemently denied in a series of Tweets.

He later taunted the woman on Twitter, actually naming her and including a photo of her along with her work address and phone number.

He also challenged his accuser to take a lie detector test.

It's unclear what actually went down that night in Vegas, of course, and one photo doesn't come close to telling a full story. But it's not really up for debate that Jose Canseco sort of sucks.

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