Scott Disick to Undergo DNA Test, Prove Mason Dash Paternity?

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Scott Disick is the true father of Mason Dash Dixon - and he's determined to prove it!

Following the allegation by Michael Girgenti - that he had intercourse with Kourtney Kardashian about nine months before she gave birth… HINT, HINT - a Kardashian relative tells OK! that Disick will do whatever it takes to quell this rumor.

Scott Disick DNA Test?

“Of course, Scott will take a DNA test, just to quiet the doubters," the insider tells the tabloid.

This anonymous source adds that Scott and Kourtney are "livid" over the paternity allegation and that all involved fear how far the claim will travel.

“I don’t like what this is going to do to our family," concludes this supposed member of this clan. "I hope to god it doesn’t go to court.”

We doubt that it will. Imaginary stories rarely do.

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