Jenelle Evans Demands Privacy on Twitter, is Not Being Ironic

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is lashing out at Twitter fans wanting to know what's going on between herself and embattled husband Courtland Rogers.

This is pretty much the definition of irony.

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Making bad decisions is one thing, but being stunned or incredulous by what are both repeated and wholly predictable outcomes is quite another.

If you hang out with bad news individuals who do drugs, you too increase your chances of being a heroin addict and/or inmate. Pretty simple, no?

Similarly, if you broadcast every detail of your private life - including levying serious allegations against the men in your life - people respond in kind.

That's what makes Jenelle Evans' temper tantrum on Twitter so hilarious.

In response to questions about Rogers, she shot back: "I never gave ANY DETAILS TO ANYONE about what happened to me, so give up. It's my business."

To quote Amanda Bynes, LOLOLOL.

If Jenelle wanted privacy, she wouldn't have posted 300 selfies, teased her pregnancy, made hurtful (likely false) claims or initiated a divorce on Twitter.

You can't do all that and then get pissed when people are naturally suspicious after you broadcast how madly in love you are with the man again.

Call it having your pot brownies and eating them too.

Jenelle, as you may have heard, is back with Courtland and wants the D.A. to drop charges against him ... charges she filed against him for assault.

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