Jenelle Evans to N.C.: Drop Charges Against Courtland Rogers!

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans filed six assault charges against estranged husband Courtland Rogers earlier this year, but now wants them all dropped.

After getting back with Rogers and vowing to work things out two months later, she's had a change of heart ... but whether officials oblige is another story.

Jenelle and Courtland Rogers Photo

Police take four accusations of battery on a female and two counts against an unborn child seriously, and the State of North Carolina is continuing its investigation.

Even if Jenelle Evans wants to stop any legal action from taking place against her husband, police can continue the case if they feel there's enough evidence.

Says a source close to the investigation:

"Jenelle already dropped the charges, but due to the severity of her claims the state has now picked them up and is going to get to the bottom of this."

The Teen Mom 2 star is expected to attend a hearing on April 8 to decide if the charges should stick, or if Jenelle has to admit she falsified the claims.

If she wants the charges dropped, she may have to admit she made them up or exaggerated them, which could mean legal problems for her instead.

“Falsifying charges is a big issue,” the source added of Evans' quandary.

Courtland’s parents, Carson and Holley, are expected to take the stand to say he did not get physical with his wife, since they were there that night.

“They are going to stick by the fact that he did not beat up Jenelle because they were there with him that night,” the source said of Rogers' folks.

“There was an argument, but not a physical fight. The papers she took out on him are false and that will be stated on the stand by Carson and Holley.”

Jenelle, who was pregnant at the time, had a miscarriage with their child, then broke things off with Rogers, who accused her of being on heroin.

Anyway, now that they're back together ... how long will THAT last?

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