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The owners of the New York nightclub where Chris Brown and Drake threw down last year are adamant that the two music stars should pay any damages.

This is an issue because NBA star Tony Parker is suing the club for $20 million, claiming W.i.P. is liable for even letting Brown in the door that night.

Parker contends that Chris Brown is a thug with a history of violent behavior and that W.i.P. should know better. The club says it’s all the stars’ fault.

Chris Brown in 2021

The W.i.P. owners (who are facing several lawsuits) filed court documents last week reiterating that Tony Parker’s beef should be with Breezy and Drizzy.


According to the club, Drake and Chris “contributed to, instigated, participated and/or engaged” in the melee … and they’re not exactly Biggie and 2Pac.

The club wants any and all damages awarded to Parker to come from Brown and Drake … who are also suing each other in a bid to deny responsibility.

All over Rihanna too, supposedly. Boys will be boys …

The case is still pending, and should be for awhile.