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Troubled star Lindsay Lohan missed her scheduled flight to Los Angeles last night, despite a court date she is required to attend looming Monday a.m.

She must be there in person or a bench warrant will be issued.

The actress was supposed to fly back at 9 p.m. EST last night but skipped it, opting to stay at a club in New York to see a band called City of the Sun.

Lindsay and Bader Image

She is now scrambling to get a flight to L.A. later today.


Let’s just say that her track record with flights is about as good as her history behind the wheel, or with guys, or with movies ever since Mean Girls.

It’s not a sign of her taking the court date seriously, even as she faces eight months in jail at least if convicted of lying to police and/or violating probation.

Then again, would you expect anything better with her?