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Chris Brown and Drake are involved in another brawl … this time legally.

They’re suing one another over their nightclub fight last year, when the music stars and their posses got into an all-out MELEE at W.i.P. nightclub in NYC.

How does that work, exactly? Well, a French model named Romain Julien is filing suit against Brown, Drake and the club for injuries he says he sustained.

In response, both Drake and Chris Brown have filed legal documents basically denying blame for what happened and pointing the guilty finger at the other.


No one knows exactly what happened in the Chris Brown-Drake fight, but they each claim they were not to blame for it and say they should not pay damages.

Each is asking a judge to formally pin blame on the other guy.

Chris and Drake have both been linked to Rihanna, and it is widely believed she played an indirect role in the bottle-throwing insanity that broke out.

In addition to tables and broken glass, rumors have been flying about what started it, but it’s hard to say for sure when neither has spoken out about it.

This is the first time they’ve gone after each other in court.

Interestingly, NBA star Tony Parker is also suing W.i.P. for the eye injury he sustained in the fight, claiming the club was negligent by letting that thug inside.

Parker says Brown’s history of violence with Rihanna, Frank Ocean and a Good Morning America window prove W.i.P. should have known better.

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