Longest Female Legs: Svetlana Pankratova Claims World Record

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Svetlana Pankratova owns the world record for longest female legs.

What she really wants to own is a high school basketball title.

Long Long Legs

The former Russian women’s basketball standout and VCU college player is now an assistant coach at Falls Church (Va.) George Mason High.

Pankratova married a Falls Church resident, Jack Gosnell, taking a position as an assistant coach at Mason High, one of the state’s top girls programs.

Being a girls basketball coach certainly seems like a reasonable occupation for a woman who happens to be blessed with the world's longest legs.

Pankratova’s legs stretch 4-feet-4, more than two-thirds of her 6-foot-5 frame, and almost as tall as Snooki before you even get above her waist.

She recently investigated the novelty of her leg length after a friend brought up the possibility that she might really have the longest legs of all time.

That, apparently, was the easy part.

From the moment of first investigation it took six years of documentation to confirm that Pankratova’s initial suspicion was in fact correct:

They are the world's longest.

Now that we've settled that, she will hopefully continue to leave her mark on the game of basketball, even if there will always be this (long) footnote.

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