Bachelor Pad: Canceled By ABC!

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Bachelor Pad will not be back this summer, according to ABC.

This revelation is simultaneously awesome and terrible news.

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While The Bachelorette will premiere in its usual spring spot after Dancing With the Stars (Monday, May 20), the Pad will not return for a fourth iteration.

Disappointed? Relieved? Indifferent? A little of each?

We understand. While admittedly painful, and quite replaceable, there was something fun about watching Bachelor rejects angling for 15 more minutes of fame.

And Nick's d--k move last year, taking all the money and leaving Rachel at a loss for words (and cash)? One of the best reality TV twists in recent memory.

Also, what summer fare is possibly better, ABC?

We digress. At least we'll have The Bachelor, Bachelorette and the countless gossip fodder they provide for an eternity. Ratings were actually UP this winter.

In Season 17.

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